Spring Cleaning!

It’s this time of year, when we get a couple of nice days, it feels like winter will soon be a distant memory and we all start to perk up a bit.  I’m not sure about you but I definitely get all motivated, make aims and plans and start achieving things I have been putting off for way too long.  Everything gets an overhaul – your house, garden, fitness regimen, wardrobe – heck you might even give your car a bit of TLC.  Good intentions are abundant right now, and everything feels achievable when the sun is out!

That’s the catch though…  you start with a hiss and a roar, purchase new gardening gloves and a massive roll of black rubbish bags.  A Sunday comes along where you aren’t hungover and you start tearing everything apart, making massive headway until you look at the mess you’ve created and you wish you’d never started!

I have a list, and I am letting you know what it is so that I have to follow through with it all.

First on my list is a wine clearance to make room for all the exciting new stuff I have coming in October.  So we have a wicked range of wines at cost price sat on the shelf waiting for you.  First in, best dressed.

wine clearanc

Second is a Whisky tasting – and I have a date and time locked in.  Wednesday 24th September, 2014 at 7pm, limited tickets available to come in, sit down and try 5 single malts from all over Scotland.  Tickets are only $30 so holler at me if you’d like to come!!!

Third is another craft beer night, and that’s still in the pipeline.  But we have just got 14 new imported beers to add to our 200ish craft range so it won’t be hard to find brewers to come and show off their best hoppy drops!

Then all that’s left on my list is fit in a few days white baiting, climb Kilimanjaro, learn to fly a chopper and win lotto.  Easy!

whitebaiting 2


First on your list is join our database on the left of this page so that we can let you know when all the good stuff is happening.


Cheers people, you’re delightful.



gavs flowers 1

Winter… it’s not all that bad really!

It’s a great time of year for all of us, but especially the time where dudes act like men…  Most of you throw on a swandri and venture out for duckshooting, watch a game of footy, get in the odd day of winter fishing, maybe a couple of days up the mountain.  The ‘real’ surfers are out enjoying catching waves without us summer try-hards getting in the way, flopping about!


fitzroy beach

autumn fishing

As if we weren’t completely spoiled with all of that, some good bastards have gone and created some amazing beers to top off our days of adventure (do not drink and fish, drink and shoot or drink and play rugby.  Just do the fun stuff, then beer should come after…)

Some of you are lovers of big dark beasty brews, but you have to wait till winter for a lot of them to come out of the woodwork.  Well, they are here, and they get weirder and more exciting every year.  Whether it be Chilli, Oatmeal or some other bold palate punching flavour, they always promise to be interesting and a good tasty mouthful.

Our FYO craft beer station is pouring some beauties at the moment, and we are trying to keep a good broad range on there.  Sawmill Pale Ale and Pilsner, Epic’s Pale Ale and Apocalypse, Panhead Blacktop Stout, Renaissance Paradox, Stoke Oatmeal, and Black Dog Bite are all on right this moment.

black dog brewery bottles

Rolling through following those are Liberty Halo, Liberty Red Hot Rye, Liberty Oh Brother, Parrotdog BitterBitch and Flaxenfeather, and Epic Mosaic as well as Mikes Imperial Porter.

If you join our database we can let you know when our next beer tasting is going to be (and there will be a couple of single malt whisky tastings thrown in there too!).  Just enter your details on our web page www.liquorlandfitzroy.co.nz and we’ll keep you informed.


My suggestion would be that for the next AB’s test, or next time you and your crew are getting together, come in and all grab a fill of a different beer, and enjoy with legends.


Here we are… on the world wide web!

Whisky night 14

Hey all, so 2014 has treated us pretty well so far, and we are rolling into Autumn pretty bloody fast!  We welcome the cooler weather (we have no choice) with a few little activities to spice things up a bit.

A few weeks back we had Alastair from Whisky Galore fly up from Christchurch to host a Whisky tasting in store.  It was such a wicked night, we tried 7 different single malts and weirdly enough I loved every single one…  20 of our loyal customers attended ($40/head) and the general consensus was that we should do it all the time!

Firkin Station

We also have our fancy new 8 tap craft beer station, ready to fill your “Fitzroy Firkins” with something lovely and golden and bold.  We make sure the range on the taps is ever-changing so you can always try something new.  So far the favourites have been Parrot Dog’s BitterBitch and Liberty’s Yakima Monster.  Right now we have an American Import from Ballast Point on there as well as Epic, Black Dog, Stoke, Hancock & Co and Mountain Goat.

Personally, I am feeling a little bit chuffed.  Last year we won the Sel Granger Memorial award for our innovation, drive and representation of the Liquorland brand.  We have also been awarded “Top Retailer” in the SOBA beer awards, and I was a finalist in the Halamoana awards for “Best Liquor Rep”, so things are going well!

And…  I climbed the mountain for the second time the other day.  Ticking boxes!

All showing off aside though, we are having a bloody good time looking after you all at the moment, so thanks for your loyalty and support.  We also have a whole lot coming up so if you have a moment, go to the home page here and join our database – we will email you each month to let you know what event we want you to come to.  We won’t do it too often so you won’t get annoyed with us – promise…

_MG_6421_700x400See you in here soon, ya bunch of legends!