We’re a Taranaki proud, family owned business, and since the day we opened in December 2010 it has been our aim to listen to the locals and let things take shape from there.

What we’ve learned is that you people are not shy of hard work – and at the end of the day you are quite keen to enjoy something a little different. You’re not scared to try something new. From day one we knew there were a few things the Naki kids were pretty keen on – Single Malt Whisky, good wine and craft beer. Funnily enough, not too far from our own heart’s desires… So when you come in here and browse around you’ll be able to see that we take phrases like “variety is the spice of life” and “a change is as good as a holiday” pretty seriously.

Every time you come here you’ll find something new. There is always something to taste. There are quite a few locals who enjoy creating their own drop, so we always get behind those small genius’s and make sure ya’all get to try their concoctions.

Come pay us a visit – we’re well worth the journey and we would love to see your face.


Amie Murphy



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