Winter… it’s not all that bad really!

It’s a great time of year for all of us, but especially the time where dudes act like men…  Most of you throw on a swandri and venture out for duckshooting, watch a game of footy, get in the odd day of winter fishing, maybe a couple of days up the mountain.  The ‘real’ surfers are out enjoying catching waves without us summer try-hards getting in the way, flopping about!


fitzroy beach

autumn fishing

As if we weren’t completely spoiled with all of that, some good bastards have gone and created some amazing beers to top off our days of adventure (do not drink and fish, drink and shoot or drink and play rugby.  Just do the fun stuff, then beer should come after…)

Some of you are lovers of big dark beasty brews, but you have to wait till winter for a lot of them to come out of the woodwork.  Well, they are here, and they get weirder and more exciting every year.  Whether it be Chilli, Oatmeal or some other bold palate punching flavour, they always promise to be interesting and a good tasty mouthful.

Our FYO craft beer station is pouring some beauties at the moment, and we are trying to keep a good broad range on there.  Sawmill Pale Ale and Pilsner, Epic’s Pale Ale and Apocalypse, Panhead Blacktop Stout, Renaissance Paradox, Stoke Oatmeal, and Black Dog Bite are all on right this moment.

black dog brewery bottles

Rolling through following those are Liberty Halo, Liberty Red Hot Rye, Liberty Oh Brother, Parrotdog BitterBitch and Flaxenfeather, and Epic Mosaic as well as Mikes Imperial Porter.

If you join our database we can let you know when our next beer tasting is going to be (and there will be a couple of single malt whisky tastings thrown in there too!).  Just enter your details on our web page and we’ll keep you informed.


My suggestion would be that for the next AB’s test, or next time you and your crew are getting together, come in and all grab a fill of a different beer, and enjoy with legends.